Asia - Geography quiz

Answer the questions by pointing to the location on the map. Find Asian cities and other geographic entities. If you do not know the exact location, try to guess!

Learn the location of cities and geographical features within Asia by playing this simple Quiz game.

The places that appear in the quiz:


Tokyo - capital of Japan
Beijing - capital of China
Shanghai - Largest city of China
Mumbai - formerly known as Bombay, the most populous city of India
Karachi - Largest city in Pakistan
Seoul - capital of South Korea
Singapore - an island nation located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula
Hong Kong - one of the two special administrative regions of China
Bandar Seri Begawan - capital of Brunei
Kuala Lumpur - capital of Malaysia
Lhasa - traditional capital of Tibet
Bangkok - capital of Thailand
Phnom Penh - capital of Cambodia
Manila - capital of the Philippines
Jakarta - capital of Indonesia
Ankara - capital of Turkey
Ashgabat - capital city of Turkmenistan
Astana - capital of Kazakhstan
Baghdad - capital of Iraq
Baku - capital of Azerbaijan
Bishkek - capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan
Colombo - capital of Sri Lanka
Damascus - capital of Syria
Dhaka - capital og Bangladesh
Dushanbe - capital of Tajikistan
Hanoi - capital of Vietnam
Islamabad - capital of Pakistan
Kabul - capital of Afghanistan
Kathmandu - capital of Nepal
Kuwait (City) - capital of Kuwait
New Delhi - capital of India
P'yongyang - capital of North Korea
Riyadh - capital of Saudi Arabia
Sanaa - capital of Yemen
Taipei - capital of Taiwan
Tashkent - capital of Uzbekistan
Tehran - capital of Iran
Ulaanbaatar - capital of Mongolia
Vientiane - capital of Laos
Yangon - largest city and former capital of Myanmar (formerly Rangoon)
Bangalore - India's third-most populous city (aka Bengaluru)
Chennai - India's fourth largest metropolitan city (formerly known as Madras)
Guangzhou- third most populous city in China (aka Canton)
Macau - one of the two special administrative regions of China
Samarkand - second-largest city in Uzbekistan, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world
Novosibirsk - Russia's third largest city
Omsk - second-largest city in Russia beyond the Urals
Irkutsk - one of the largest cities in Siberia
Vladivostok - Russia's largest port city on the Pacific